The La Cholla signature bridge project has garnered numerous industry awards, five to date, many having to do with the successful collaboration of all team members involved. CDR’s goal in designing the aesthetic enhancements for this 600’ long bridge, nestled in the rustic Canyon del Oro Wash and viewable from four sides, was to make the bridge emerge as an integral part of the environment and not merely as a structure forced upon it. CDR’s design for the parapets, railing, and sidewalks reflect the colors, textures, and atmosphere of the natural environment, without being too literal. The handsome custom railing implies the seasonal moving water of the wash below; and the chollas (cactus) form liner patterns, dramatically presented on the inside of the parapet for pedestrians and commuters to enjoy. This exploration of motion and the incorporation of curves into the design act as a way to transition from the built environment to the natural one under the bridge.

Project Awards:

  • 2015 Timothy M. Ahrens Partnering Award
  • 2015 John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year Ruby Award
  • 2014 Public Works Project of the Year Award
  • 2014 Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award
  • 2014 Build Arizona Award


Leonado Manzo
Pima Department of Transportation