Located three miles north of the Texas state line, the Winstar Boulevard Bridge is a prime example of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s (“ODOT”) commitment to create aesthetically engaging bridges and highway infrastructure projects while implementing innovative cost-savings measures. Since 2008, ODOT has stored and maintained for reuse all the custom form liners made by designers for their highway and bridge projects. Doing so has enabled transportation aesthetic designers, like CDR, to reconfigure these patterns in fresh ways for new ODOT projects. As a result, allowing the state the opportunity to economically add aesthetics to their bridges and highways on a much larger scale.

Nature, as seen from the perspective of the Chickasaw Nation people, was the design concept for the Winstar Boulevard Bridge, which leads into the Winstar Casino in Thackerville, OK. To achieve the desired effect, CDR re-used select form liner patterns they previously designed for three other Oklahoma projects: US 77, SH-9W and Heritage Bridges. CDR affected the parapet with the tallgrass pattern designed for the US 77 bridge; the Chickasaw Nation elemental iconography from the SH-9W bridge grace the pier’s bullnoses; and, perched on the pier cap are the Oklahoma Peace Shields from the Heritage Bridge, proving once again the cost savings of reusable form liners and modular design.

For the MSE wall, CDR created an exciting, contemporary abstract design inspired by Chickasaw Nation iconography.



Images Courtesy of ODOT & Leonardo Manzo