Roberts Road Bridge

Bridges & Highways

Los Gatos, California

We were contacted by Biggs-Cardosa, consulting engineer to the Town of Los Gatos, to design a custom Creek scene to reflect the local fauna and flora indigenous along Los Gatos Creek, over which the new Roberts Road Bridge was being reconstructed.  CDR, a design firm ownedand operated by Steven Weitzman, did the original design concept, all renderings for the Clientand consulting engineers as well as the final graphicsand shop drawings for the form liner fabricator.

Creative Form Liners, Inc. was contracted to do the form liners to be used for affecting the two new abutments of the bridge.  The large scene measured 31′w x 16′h across the abutments and the form liners were fabricated modularly so certain elements of the scene could be reused for the side curtain walls.