La Cholla Bridge

Bridges & Highways

Tucson, Arizona

This bridge was designed to be an extension of the region’s desert terrain. Creative Design Resolutions, a design firm owned and operated by Steven Weitzman, incorporated the surrounding local flora and fauna into their designs. Aesthetic treatments were designed for the parapet, railings and sidewalks on the La Cholla Boulevard Bridge. The railings and parapet explore motion and curves of the wash as a way to transition from the built environment to the natural environment of the Canada del Oro Wash under the bridges. The interior fascias of the undulating parapet include reliefs highlighting local cholla cacti varieties,such as this Cane Cholla. To encourage pedestrian use of the 600’-long bridge, vista areas are incorporated as areas of respite and sandblasted on the sidewalks are silhouetted desert foxand grass icons, as if the viewer could see through the bridge to the wash below.

Photo Credit: Pima County Department of Transportation