I-430 / I-630 Interchange

Bridges & Highways

Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) decided to revamp and expand the state’s largest interchange, I-630/I-430 in Little Rock.  It is the largest highway project in the state’s history at $140M.  CDR was contractedto fast-track a complete Aesthetic Master Plan for the on and off ramps, parapets, abutments, columns, piers, MSE walls and retaining walls.  CDR met with AHTD, the Federal Highway Administration and all other stakeholders to listen and discuss the Master Plan.  CDR designed an Aesthetic Master Plan to include imagery wrought from local fauna and flora of the area.

The Loblolly Pine is the state tree and was the focus for the vast forest scene depicted in the Master Plan for the MSE walls. The pine cone is also a favorite symbol of the area and was used as the resource for developing the stylized images for the bridge parapets and the on/off ramp pier columns that rise up as high as 85’ to support the new ramps.

Photos courtesy of John Jackson/AHTD