Broadway Extension

Bridges & Highways

Edmond, Oklahoma
Broadway Extension at Memorial Road Interchange


The Art Deco and Native American-inspired aesthetic of these three bridges create stunning gateways for commuters along US-77 near Edmond, Oklahoma. The two bridges over Memorial Road use a muted brown stain to affect the parapet and a beige stain on the beams. The parapets and pier caps are further accentuated with beige weaves and square red ornaments. Kelley Bridge transposes that color scheme and accentuates the parapets and pier caps with brown weaves and turquoise ornaments. Dynamic shields atop the pier hammerheads depict the emblem from the Oklahoma state flag set against a colorful background of local ledge stone. This indigenous stone pattern also fills each wing wall. Pedestrians using the sidewalk can stop under the bridges to see geometric ribbons stained in a terracotta color woven along each slopewall. At Memorial Road, the slopewalls fan out from under the bridge, making a dramatic entranceway to the gateway bridges of the City of Edmond.